Tamara Lee

Lost Connection

What if I told you that the person you knew yourself to be was not actually you? What if I took a part of your life, rearranged it, and gave it back, explaining this is who you really are? Well, that is what happened to me, and this is what my work explores.

After learning that I was adopted, I had lost my sense of self. I soon re-discovered myself though, through Christ. I found my identity as a child of God and as a Christian artist. It was then that I also realized the role my art played as a part of my spirituality. My art became not only a form of worship, but also an elaborate extension of my voice – a vision of my choices, my thoughts, opinions, beliefs or just care-free mentality.

Most recently, my work feeds on multiple issues of identity, self-discovery and transformation. As this is a process I have endured myself, my work tends to focus on either what those experiences felt like, lessons learned, or the impacts of mental transformation.

Lost Connection by Tamara Lee (Video)
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