Skylar Vandebogart


A lot of what I aim to do with my art is tell stories. I have always loved creating characters and worlds to fit those characters. Currently, my work consists of a variety of short films. Filmmaking adds two dimensions that are extremely important to me: time and sound.  It allows me to present more information that moves through time and feels very temporary while remaining permanently digitized and accessible to view multiple times. My work explores how things are perceived by society as a whole, whether that be good or bad. Horror tropes are a tactic I use. Horror uses sound, lack of sound, and ambiguous imagery to force the viewer to expect something specific to happen. I explore the difference between what the characters know and what the audience knows, especially how information is presented, and more importantly mispresented causing a constant state of uneasiness and unknowing. 

Forest by Skylar Vandebogart (Video)
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