Nicole Ellen Pinto

The Last Pharaoh: Discord Trailer

I am a bigender artist. I utilize digital and traditional mediums of art in order to animate two dimensional drawings. I am self-motivated by music and writing in order to format my ideas for animation. I like to demonstrate and push boundaries surrounding gender and sexuality, as well as physical and mental illness. Through the fantasy worlds that I have created, I try to construct different unique stories that focus on these struggles, while drawing from my real-world experiences. My characters are merely reflection of myself, exaggerating parts of my personality in ways in which I hope my audience can relate and help reach out to others who struggle daily with mental illnesses or disabilities, or who are trying to understand their own gender identities. My characters are an inspiration and guidance to those who need it the most. This, in turn, can create a community, where people with common beliefs can come together as a “fandom”, and support each other through my artwork.

The Last Pharaoh: Discord Trailer is a 2D animated short film trailer for a pilot short film, The Last Pharaoh: Discord. Pharaoh Ei-Amennefneboui (EA) ignores the tradition of wearing kohl around his eyes when going outside. This foolish idea turns into a disaster when the chaos god sends a swarm of bugs to teach him a lesson.

The Last Pharaoh: Discord Trailer by Nicole Ellen Pinto (Video)
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