Kara Howell

Still 1996

Kara Howell is a native from the state of Montana, born in 1996. She has worked in a variety of different mediums as an artist, such as illustration, painting, sculpture, video and installation. While studying at the University of Southern Florida in Tampa, Fl she discovered the medium of video art that was able to capture her excitement for experimentation and use of digital techniques. With the push from her mentors, she began creating meaningful work that explored her fascination with identity and video. 

As a contemporary video artist, I create work that explores the multi-layered sense of space and time. In my art, I reflect on the trauma and experiences that a person meets during their lifetime, exploring how the shape of their identity is formed by these experiences. Space has been an important element in my artwork. I believe space can create a connection between an artist and their viewers. With video I’m able to capture moments that create an “aha” feeling, which inspires me to create linear and non-linear work. With each video I create, I continue to grow and learn from my failures and successes. 

Still 1996 by Kara Howell
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