Kailey Wells


This series of work, Displacement, consists of a total of five abstract silkscreen prints. These works are meant to be expressions of a feeling that I have endured through my journey of becoming displaced, both physically and mentally. These prints are digital renderings overlaid with organic forms consisting of paradoxical line work. In addition, within these organic forms I use a technique called, watercolor printing. This technique is done without the use of technology, which in contrast with the rest of my prints, adds a sense of craft and allows for myself and the viewer to connect to the piece more effectively. One of the most important aspects in my work is the use of color theory to help reflect the message of my journey I am attempting to portray, but also creates an optical illusion to add a further dimension into each piece.

You’re Just Too Perfect

Kailey Wells, Silkscreen Print, 20″x14″, 2019


Kailey Wells, Silkscreen Print, Watercolor Print, 16″x16″, 2020


Kailey Wells, Digital Print, 20″x14″, 2020

Loosen Up A Bit

Kailey Wells, Silkscreen Print, Watercolor Print, 16″x20″, 2019

Floating Through Space

Kailey Wells, Silkscreen Print, Watercolor Print, 16″x20″, 2020

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