Eduardo Callejas


Heavily inspired by the works of artist Ralph Bakshi, Eduardo uses animation, painting, digital artwork and other mediums to present to the world the comedies, tragedies and often conflicting narratives found in life, both imagined and experienced. An avid storyteller, Eduardo draws materials from constant observation from communities such as online anonymous imageboards, cultural minority groups and more. Though primarily using art as a medium for personal self-therapy, Eduardo also explores personal issues such as mental health, ideologies and exploration of sexuality in general to the more specific ideas of fetishes.

Through Posca, Eduardo seeks to create a visual narrative of his own experiences and understandings of his trauma growing up in Nicaragua. Being originally born in the United States and raised there, through culture shock, bullying and a radical change in his life, he presents his timeline with visual animation to guide the viewer and listener throughout his emotions as the events that transpired, influencing his point of view on his country, his culture, his father and his idea of masculinity.

Posca by Eduardo Callejas (Video)
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