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Students from the University of South Florida are pleased to present “SYZYGY x M I L L E N N I A”, a one-of-a-kind virtual gallery experience showcasing the hard work of graduating Fine Art seniors. This graduation exhibition represents the work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts students from the School of Art and Art History at the University of South Florida.

“SYZYGY” is a show composed of the university’s traditional and interdisciplinary Fine Artists. The body of work presented in “SYZYGY” alludes to a collection of celestial bodies that have aligned with one another, demonstrating a perfect configuration and correlation between every art piece within the group. Mediums represented in this group include drawing, sculpture, ceramics, video, printmaking, photography, and painting.

“M I L L E N N I A” is a show orchestrated by Fine Artists developing their skills for the animation, video game, and entertainment industries. “M I L L E N N I A” is an appreciation of the past and a promise to the future of animation; a conscious display of the evolution of visual storytelling and all its counterparts that find a home in a blue lit screen. Mediums represented in this group include 2-D animation, 3-D animation, digital illustration, visual development, and video game development.

The virtual opening reception will be held on April 24 from 7-9 PM via ZOOM. Admission is free and open to the public.

Exhibition Viewing Dates: April 24, 2020 – May 7, 2020

Exhibiting Artists: “Syzygy”

Elizabeth Arias: A printmaker who uses textiles to create work based on the traumatic experience of sexual assault.

Eduardo Callejas: A multimedia artist in animation, digital art, and painting who explores personal issues such as mental health, ideologies, and sexuality in general and the more specific ideas of fetishes.

Michael Congdon: A photographer who is currently focused on alternative process methods of production. He uses his personal experience to emphasize his emotional states during his artistic process.

Daniela Hernandez: A 2D drawing artist who focuses on figurative work and uses herself as a model to explore the theme of identity.

Briana Hickson: A sculptor/ installation artist whose work focuses on mixing beautiful desserts with the macabre. Their work brings to light the struggles of mental illness.

Kara Howell: A video artist who reflects on trauma and human experiences to explore the multi-layered sense of space and time.

Xavier Khouangsathiene: A sculpture artist who highlights the importance of finding a relationship with ourselves and others despite the complexities, difficulties, and the efforts that require to maintain them through interactive pieces.

Alex Lopez: A multimedia digital artist whose work aims to bridge the gap between people through common experiences by giving excerpts from his own life that one can connect to and reflect upon.

Romel Morales: A printmaker whose work reflects on the erratic and disruptive nature of human behavior and the ethics involved when organizing political and social systems.

Ana Pelucarte: A ceramicist who uses a surrealist approach to discuss topics relating to animals and their relationship with the environment and humans

Flor Roche: A Latin-American video artist who uses the elasticity of the pixel to discuss topics of gender roles, mental health, and marginalization in the Latin community.

Andrew Ryan: A multimedia artist who uses ink drawings to scribe a visual letter addressing his experiences with mental illness.

Taylore Travers: A printmaker who uses screen printing to create self-reflective pieces of art that illustrate the challenges one faces when living with anxiety.

William Omar Valdes: A multimedia artist who focuses on their identity and experience as a bipolar queer hispanic immigrant to bring to light intersectional issues faced within their communities.

Skylar Vandebogart: A digital media artist who uses video and film to explore how things are perceived by society as a whole, whether that be good or bad.

Kailey Wells: A printmaker who uses screen printing to explore feelings of displacement, both physically and mentally. Her varying printmaking techniques and dynamic use of color evoke strong emotions that allow viewers to fully connect to her work.

Exhibiting Artists: “M I L L E N N I A”

Maria Garcell: A digital media artist who focuses on pre-production within the field of animation. Through her work Maria, shares her past experiences involving immigration, cultural identity, and displacement.

Matthew Greene: A multimedia 3-D animation artist who has devoted his art process to creating 3D meshes to be used as assets for video games, movie VFX, and films.

Claire Ingram: An animation artist who uses a more contemporary art form to help modernize the typical fairytale story from animated works of the 1930s and 1940s.

Gavin Jones: An illustrator and digital sculptor who explores the folk tale of Hansel and Gretel, following them through their trials so that others too can understand how to overcome tribulations of life.

Tamara Lee: A visual development animation artist who through pre-production practices explores concepts of identity and self-awareness fueled by her faith and personal experience of learning that she was adopted.

Gian Marler: A digital artist who uses animation to express narratives in alternative realities that serve as methods of escapism.

Amber Newman: An animator and digital artist who uses 3D animation to tell the journey of a robot through a forest that leads to salvation. She draws inspiration from her Catholic faith and aims to further explore her faith using animation as a medium.

Kennedi Perez: A visual development artist who aims to expand diversity in storytelling through her character and costume design.

Nicole Ellen Pinto: An animator who constructs unique narratives that push boundaries involving gender, sexuality, and physical and mental illnesses.

Toni Pucinischi: An animator and digital artist who explores themes of legends and mythology to character design by exploring the appearance of people, places, and objects incorporating them into Vaporwave aesthetics.

Emmanuel Vargas: An animator and character designer who focuses on incorporating humanistic traits into his characters so that they become more relatable to people.

Victoria Winsor: A visual development artist in the field of animation whose artwork explores the threshold in which production or process comes to life.

M I L L E N I A (Animation)

Maria Garcell
mariagarcell@mail.usf.edu |

Matthew Greene
greene8@mail.usf.edu |

Claire Ingram
clairei@mail.usf.edu |

Gavin Jones
gcjones@mail.usf.edu |

Tamara Lee
Tlee14@mail.usf.edu |

Gian Marler
gmarler@mail.usf.edu |

Amber Newman
ambergreyskies@gmail.com | newmana@mail.usf.edu |
Instagram @ambergreyskiesart

Kennedi Perez
nedizion6@gmail.com |

Nicole Ellen Pinto
npinto0122@yahoo.com | npinto3@mail.usf.edu |

Toni Pucinischi
tpucinischi@mail.usf.edu |

Emmanuel Vargas
vargase1@mail.usf.edu |

Victoria Winsor
Vwinsor@mail.usf.edu |

Syzygy (Fine Arts)

Elizabeth Arias
egarias@mail.usf.edu |

Eduardo Callejas
eduardoacallejas@gmail.com | eduardoc@mail.usf.edu |

Michael Congdon
Mcongdon1@mail.usf.edu |

Daniela Hernandez
danielaherna@mail.usf.edu |

Briana Hickson
Gabriella36@mail.usf.edu |

Kara Howell
Howell10@mail.usf.edu |

Xavier Khouangsathiene
xavierk@mail.usf.edu |

Alex Lopez
Alopez29@mail.usf.edu |

Romel Morales
romelmorales@mail.usf.edu |

Ana Pelucarte
pelucarte@mail.usf.edu | 
Instagram @yoceramica

Flor Roche
froche@mail.usf.edu |

Andrew Ryan
ryan96@mail.usf.edu |

Taylore Travers
Taylore.travers@gmail.com |

William Valdes
wov@mail.usf.edu | 
Instagram @wovlyfe

Skylar Vandebogart
svandebogart@mail.usf.edu |

Kailey Wells
Kaileywells@mail.usf.edu |

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