Andrew Ryan

Dear Depression

In Andrew Ryan’s two-part work titled Dear Depression, Ryan depicts the two sides he has felt in his bouts with depression. The first segment: Falling Apart, represents the descent he felt as he became his own victim and allowed depression’s grasp to suffocate him. The second segment: Ascension communicates the peace he found in realizing that these feelings lose their power when people share their pain with others. Ryan also credits his Christian faith and relationship with God for playing a role in his betterment. In both works, Ryan renders graphic ink drawings similar to comic book storytelling, so as to relay his feelings of being stuck in his own narrative with said mental illness. Additionally, the text elements that coincide with these images help form the work into a visual letter addressing depression. The use of ink helps continue this intimacy as one often relates hand-written letters with being written in ink.

Falling Apart by Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan, Falling Apart, Ink Drawing Installation, 2020

Ascension by Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan, Ascension, Ink Drawing Installation, 2020

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